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    Question Hey Da Professor, it’s great to be interviewing you! Before we kick off this interview please introduce yourself and your current guilty pleasure song?

    Da Professor Thank you for the opportunity and willingness to interview me as I embark on the release of my new single and music video, “I Love Myself”. The project as a whole carries a worldwide message of “Self-Love”.

    Question We are all human and therefore, we all have guilty pleasures in life. It’s what we do with those guilty pleasures that counts!

    Da Professor Much of the music that kids are listening to today can be considered a guilty pleasure song. My new project represents a turning point in my style and direction as an artist. It has a very definite mission that will slowly be unveiled as each single gets released.

    Question Why did you decide to call yourself Da Professor?

    Da Professor My artist name was given to me as a nick name by my friends. I think I was around 17 or so. I choose to keep it as my artist name. I was very mature for my age and always took on a leadership role.

    Question What inspired you to pursue a career in music?

    Da Professor I get asked this question all the time. It was never an inspiration it’s a calling.

    It’s what I am meant to do. My fans know me well. My music is my autobiography. It allows me to express what I am feeling on all levels and represents a platform for me to communicate and make a positive difference to those who listen to the messages within my songs.

    Da Professor My artist name was given to me as a nick name by my friends. I think I was around 17 or so. I choose to keep it as my artist name. I was very mature for my age and always took on a leadership role.

    Question You recently released a music video for “I Love Myself.” What was the inspiration behind the track?

    Da Professor “I Love Myself” was composed during a time in my life when I was revaluating everything I did and accomplished in my music career. It was then I realised my own need to embrace “Loving myself”. In order for me to reach the goals I set for myself, this was a must. This turning point allowed me to write the upcoming trilogy releases that will be rolled out over the next 4-6 months. “I Love Myself” being the first of the three single releases.

    Question What was the writing and recording process like for “I Love Myself?”

    Da Professor My writing style is simple and always the same. I hear music and the words just come to me. The finished product is a song that represents what I am feeling at that moment. In the case of “I Love Myself” it was my personal need for self-love that created the song. When you watch the music video, the beginning shows me washing my face at the bathroom sink. It is when I look at myself in the mirror I have the awakening. I then spread the message of self-love to those around me and strangers I meet in the streets.

    Question Something that many people take from the music video is, domestic abuse and with “I Love Myself” you’re inspiring the victim to love him or herself and find their inner strength. Why was this message important for you to convey?

    Da Professor The title of my new single, “I Love Myself” can be perceived in several ways. It was very important to Spiky and me that it was not perceived narcissistically. The domestic violence scene within the video was written into the treatment to bring awareness to domestic violence. The single also serves as the anthem to my foundation, “Stop the Abuse Foundation”. Our Foundation’s mission is to not only raise the public’s awareness of the well-hidden-in-the-shadows’ truth about the existence, instances and shocking statistics about domestic violence issues that occur as close as their very own communities, but also to provide victims of domestic violence and abuse – no matter their age or sex – with key resources and necessities they may require when they are questioning how to make, or are actually acting upon, their decision to no longer be an abused victim – but to become free from their abusive or violent situation. The song gives these victims a message through the music and encourages them to love themselves which in turn gives them power and motivation to make that change.

    Question Chase Friedman directed the video for “I Love Myself,” how did you two work together to come up with the video’s concept?

    Da Professor When we first met with Chase in LA we knew he was the right producer to make this short film a reality. He brilliantly visualized for us the message we wanted the world to receive when watching the music video.

    Question “I Love Myself” is the lead single from your upcoming album, what can fans expect from the album?

    Da Professor The launch of the album will occur in TWO phases.

    Phase ONE: The Trilogy February 14, 2015 the first single, “I Love Myself” released which will be followed by the Second single releasing in April and the third single releasing in June. The story behind the trilogy: Love yourself first!

    When an individual embraces self-love they are automatically gifted with confidence and self-worth. Hence, allowing them to make solid decision backed by confidence which feeds into the ability to make great things happen within their lives. That’s when “Anything becomes possible”. The message within the music of the second single. A “Rock Star” of whatever one set their mind on achieving is the end result and the message within third single.

    I Love Myself music video is also the first of a three part music video launch that will not only represent the music but will be make a short film when all three music videos are played in sequence.

    Question Listening to your previous releases, what makes your music unique is what you and Spiky are trying to develop, a “totally new international fusion style brand and sound for Reggae music” which also carries on an anthem like sound. Was this your intention?

    Da Professor The single “I Love Myself” is an anthem both for my foundation as well as to the world. The song is truly a gift I received directly from God. The team that surrounds me also embraced the gift because they are as well spirally driven. The organic success I have received so far shows its power that will continue to assist us in spreading the messages within my music. “Self-Love”

    Question You had the chance to work with Tessanne Chin winner of The Voice, what was it like working with her?

    Da Professor Tessanne Chin is an amazing vocalist. She is very focused and passionate about her music. As an artist she looks to deliver unique and different music to her fan base.

    Question I want to touch on your humanitarian and philanthropic work because it’s truly inspiring. You’re the co- founder and co-owner of Stop the Abuse Foundation; tell us a little bit about how the foundation came to be and what inspired its creation?

    Da Professor It has always been important to me to be part of a mission that truly can make a difference in people lives. Spiky has always been involved in charity work as well. When we received the song was a gift, starting the foundation was the natural next steps. Now I can use my voice and this platform to make a difference and give others the power needed to make a change and learn how to love themselves.

    Question As an artist, at the end of the day what do you hope to achieve with your music?

    Da Professor A strong platform where I can use my voice through music to make a positive difference in the lives to those that listen.

    Question What else can fans expect from you this year?

    Da Professor What else can fans expect from you this year?

    Question Thank you for sitting down with us Da Professor. Before we end this interview is there anything you want to say to your fans?

    Da Professor To all my current and new fans; every day is a new day to start on your path of creating a more fulfilled and happy life for yourself. Please start your next day with loving yourself.

    Thank you for giving me this platform to tell my story and assisting me in spreading the importance of “Self Love”.

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