Ocean Style TV

Ocean Style Television brings print to life ‐ with the immersion of fashion and lifestyle illuminated by a Caribbean essence.

Ocean Style TV takes an engaging approach to fashion, luxury travel, fine dining, beauty, high art and entertainment ‐ all seamlessly woven into the exquisite Caribbean lifestyle. Fueled by engaging profiles of designers, artists, tastemakers, and celebrities, the 30‐minute show is coupled with a worldly mix of travel adventures, runway showcases, fine living features, as well as up close and personal behind the scenes segments.

The mission of Ocean Style TV is to provide an insider’s view of the rich and diverse culture of a Caribbean that far exceeds a tourist’s imagination. Our viewers have an affinity for the islands, confidence in their future prosperity and simply‐ crave the best.

Through the vehicles of television, print, and web, Ocean Style shows the world the rich, fabulous, and engaging life the Caribbean has to offer.

Ocean Style is an ideal vehicle for travel, lifestyle, luxury and other top brands that wish to connect with a premium consumer audience.

For the latest in Caribbean fashion visit their official site at www.oceanstylemagazine.com!

Sun: 6AM-9AM
Mon-Fri: 6AM & 6PM

Chie Davis

Her broadcast journalism career has bubbled with adventure, from the first on-camera cue to the final editing room cut. Since 2001 she had the opportunity to interview people from various walks of life and locales. Kicking off as a traffic reporter in New York to currently the host / executive producer of Ocean Style TV, an entertainment program with a Caribbean essence, she relished each step.

For more info on Chie Davis visit her site at www.chiedavis.com.

Dr. Myles Munroe

He was born in Nassau, Bahamas in 1954 and has been a lifetime resident of the Bahamas. He has degrees in fine arts, education and theology from Oral Roberts University (1978), a Master’s degree in administration from the University of Tulsa (1980), and he has been awarded a number of honorary doctoral degrees. He has also served as an adjunct professor of the Graduate School of Theology at Oral Roberts University. His wife, Ruth Munroe is copastor with him at BFMI. He has a son Chairo (Myles Jr.) and daughter Charisa.

Today, Dr. Munroe is a pastor, teacher, administrator, author and motivational speaker. He travels throughout the world as a speaker addressing governments, businesses, and church congregations. He personally addresses over 500,000 people each year on personal and professional development, and he receives hundreds of invitations every year to speak worldwide. Munroe has appeared on Benny Hinn's This Is Your Day program, where he spoke about the Kingdom of God.

Munroe places a great emphasis on the Kingdom of God and believes that the whole Bible, along with the message of Jesus, revolved around the kingdom and not a religion. He has said, "My vision, is wrapped up in one statement: I exist to transform followers into leaders. My philosophy is, trapped in every follower is a leader. My belief is, if that person is placed in the right environment, the leader will manifest himself or herself."